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Shadows of War-ALiAS

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ALiAS has released the game “Shadows of War” for Windows . Enjpy

Shadows of War is a 2D Real-Time Strategy sidescroller game. Classical RTS elements combined with new one, into a 2D game.


  • The game also offers the Hardcore mode, for old-school gamers that needs a challenge.
  • You are low on money, which means you can order less units onto the battlefield.
  • Support strikes will be rarely used, since they’re costing too much.
  • Keep track of your tickets, you can’t lose a single one!
  • You really need to do everything to prevent the enemy from marching into your land.
  • Always do your best! Else, loosing can’t be prevented.
  • Remember the good old days, where games hadn’t got any XP system?
  • You only played for fun, not for unlocks or that stuff? Like that?
  • Then SoW is the perfect game for you, no DLC, no XP, no Micro-Transactions.

Genre:Indie, Strategy

Release name:Shadows.of.War-ALiAS
Links: HomepageSteamNFONTiTPB


Release name:Shadows.of.War-ALiAS



Shadows of War-ALiAS




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